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About the
Grey School of Wizardry

Our Mission:
Teaching the Wisdom of the Ages to Aspiring Wizards around the World
to make Magick Available now and for Generations to Follow.


Established on March 14, 2004, as a registered 501(c)3 educational organization in the State of California, the Grey School of Wizardry took a pioneering step by launching its innovative online platform on August 1st of the same year. Designed to facilitate a comprehensive exploration in the trade of Wizardry, our platform has played a significant role in expanding access to secular esoteric education on a global scale. Initially intended to cater to a younger demographic aged 11-17, the School has evolved to predominantly focus on adults, with a diverse age range of 18 to 80.

Boasting an extensive catalogue of over 500 peer-reviewed courses across 16 specialized departments, the Grey School of Wizardry stands as an impressive educational institution in the realm of esoteric studies. This breadth of content guarantees the provision of a diverse range of study areas, from environmental stewardship and metaphysical sciences to historical studies and the arts of wortcunning, astrology, leadership and more, enabling us to cater to an extensive variety of interests and academic pursuits.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to support and inspire a broad spectrum of learners - from those embarking on their journey in the trade of Wizardry to seasoned practitioners seeking further scholarly engagement. The ample number of courses allows for a highly individualized educational pathway, encouraging those enrolled to delve deep into their areas of interest while also gaining a well-rounded understanding of the trade as a whole.
You can learn more about our Sixteen Departments of study here.


Moreover, the fundamental focus of our education model is not only to disseminate knowledge but also to inculcate a strong ethos of service to one's community. We firmly believe that Wizardry, at its core, is a trade of service to others - an ideology that is deeply woven into our course content and pedagogical approach. As such, our charges are not just equipped with knowledge and skills in their chosen field, but are also nurtured to become responsible and contributing members of their communities, embodying the very essence of what it means to be a wizard in the world today.
You can preview a few of our first level courses here

Our formal Apprenticeship Program serves as a pathway to a structured and in-depth study of the Trade of Wizardry and it's tools, with successful completion resulting in the issuance of a Journeymanship Certificate in the Apprentice's chosen specialization. Using the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard as one of the textbooks for the School, GSW advances the fundamental principles expressed there-in through specialized instruction and engaging coursework, creating a holistic and immersive learning experience for our apprentices.


Tuition is structured to accommodate all learners, at $20 monthly or $200 annually for those aged 11-17, and $30 monthly or $300 annually for adults aged 18 and above.
You can learn more about the Apprenticeship Program here


In addition to our digital learning platform, the Grey School maintains a virtual campus within the "Second Life" simulation. Dubbed "VGSW," this virtual space fosters synchronous interaction, real-time discussions, and community celebration amongst our Faculty, Apprentices, and Magisters. Our school forum and Discord Server serve as additional platforms for discourse, facilitating academic discussions and collaborations amongst our members.

Our extensive course materials and assignments, curated by our esteemed faculty and guest lecturers, ensure a continually evolving and dynamic curriculum. Our Textbooks as well as the School focus on Wizardry and Esoteric Study rather than spirituality or religion; while a few Classes cover mythology and comparative religions, studies at the Grey School remain a secular affair open to all.
You can learn more about our Faculty here.


For those captivated by the arcane but not necessarily on the wizard's path, or for those who have surpassed the stage of Apprenticeship, we offer the Magister Program. With a tuition fee of $50 monthly or $525 yearly, this program removes the structure and level restrictions of our Apprenticeship Program, offering unrestricted access to our course catalogue.
You can learn more about the Magister Program here.


In 2019, we significantly expanded the horizons of the Grey School of Wizardry by acquiring the use of a physical campus in Whitehall, New York. This thriving site encompasses the beloved School Store, Magick Alley, and the sprawling nine-acre hilltop Conclave Grounds, along with the majestic Highspire Manor school building. The establishment of our physical campus has enabled us to extend our learning experiences beyond the digital realm, adding a new dimension of engagement for our community. We now host a variety of Physical Classes, providing a hands-on, immersive learning environment that allows pupils to interact directly with their teachers and peers.

Moreover, our campus becomes a vibrant hub of wizardry during our annual conclaves, featuring a range of live events, workshops, and ceremonies. These gatherings provide unique opportunities for communal celebration, networking, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. GSW also offers other in-person learning opportunities, such as guest lectures, workshops, and educational events throughout the year. These interactions add depth and richness to our students' learning journeys, creating memorable experiences and fostering a close-knit community. Our physical campus now serves as a nexus for our trade, offering a tangible space for the exploration and celebration of wizardry. With the addition of our physical campus, the Grey School of Wizardry continues to redefine and expand the horizons of esoteric education.
You can find our Live Learning Opportunities by clicking here.


Consider this an open invitation to join us in an educational journey, offering transformative experiences that extend beyond the accumulation of knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon for an education in the esoteric which will offer not only Arcane information, but also transformation for those who wish to Walk the Wizard's Path.

To ask any questions not addressed here or Contact us, you can use our Contact page or Email us at:

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