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About the
Grey School of Wizardry

Our Mission:
Teaching the Wisdom of the Ages to Aspiring Wizards around the World
to make Magick Available now and for Generations to Follow.

The Grey School of Wizardry is a 501(c)3 educational organization incorporated in the State of California on March 14, 2004. On August 1st of that same year our online campus was launched, serving as a platform for the exploration of Wizardry and expanded the magickal teachings available to the world at large. Although The Grey School was originally designed to teach youth aged 11-17, the School now largely serves adults.
In fact, most of our Apprentices are adults ranging in age from 18 to 80.


Our range of more than 500 classes in 16 departments of magickal study is enough to engage the beginner through the scholar. As a School of Wizardry we offer a full and affordable Apprenticeship program where upon completion Apprentices receive a certificate of Journeymanship in their chosen Major. Taking the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard as a starting point, the Grey School of Wizardry develops the concepts expressed into engaging classes, specialized instruction, and adds meaningful depth to the learning process of the Apprentice Wizard.
For youth Apprentices (11-17) the program costs $20 Monthly, or $200 Yearly
with Adult (18+) Tuition costing $30 Monthly or $300 Yearly.  

Our school also sports a virtual campus on the sim "Second Life" which provides a (pandemic-free!) space for those enrolled to enjoy. "VGSW" as we like to call it, equips our Apprentices as well as Magisters with an online space to meet, participate in real-time discussions, and enjoy school-wide celebrations together. The Grey School also has a school forum where registered members of the School can post questions or converse with their peers and teachers.

Course materials and exercises are provided by highly-qualified Faculty as well as talented guest lecturers with new courses being added continually. Both the Grimoire as well as the School focus on Wizardry and magick rather than spirituality; while a few Classes cover mythology and comparative religions, studies at the Grey School remain a secular affair open to all.

For those seeking to learn Magick and other arcane mysteries with-out walking the Wizard's path, or for those who may be further along than Apprenticeship, The Grey School offers the path of the Magister. Our Magister Program, costing $40 Monthly or $400 yearly, lifts the structure as well as the level restrictions of our Apprenticeship program, allowing one to choose nearly any class from any level of study in our course catalogue. 


In October of 2019 The Grey School acquired a Physical campus in Whitehall, New York. This space also hosts our School Store, Magick Alley. The nine acres of hill top Conclave Grounds, and the "Highspire Manor" school building are open to Apprentices and Magisters alike during our yearly Conclaves, during Physical Classes and with special access able to be granted by appointment with the Provost. 

We look forward to seeing you in class soon for an education in the esoteric which will offer not only Arcane information, but also transformation for those who wish to Walk the Wizard's Path.

To ask any questions not addressed here or Contact us, you can use our Contact page or Email us at:


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