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Alternatives and Exemptions

Homework Alternatives and Exemptions

If doing a particular assignment or obtaining a required textbook poses a problem for you, and you wish to continue the class, talk with your teacher. It may be possible for you to get a different assignment or textbook. However, don't count on it; all classes are designed around specific content and materials.

Teachers are not obligated to grant alternatives or exemptions, and the decision is theirs. If the teacher agrees, you may also be asked to do more work than the original, to counterbalance enjoying an alternative or exemption.

Although teachers will work with Apprentices to accommodate for special needs, some classes may not be possible for everyone to complete. For example, certain physical limitations might preclude a Apprentice from completing a hiking class. In such cases, the Apprentice will be advised to select a different class.

If the physical inability to complete a class interferes with completion of a Major, the department Dean may be consulted to discuss alternatives.


Learning Disabilities

If you have a learning disability, physical disability, or other limitation that may complicate your studies, you'll need to take some extra steps to ensure a fun and successful experience in the Grey School.


• Check the description before enrolling in a class, to determine whether the class is appropriate for you.


• If you need special provisions in order to succeed in a class, please notify your teacher as soon as your enrollment goes through. Note, though, that some classes require certain assignments or activities that cannot be “worked around.” For instance, if you take the hiking class, you must be physically able to go on one or more hikes.


• Remind your teacher if you encounter a problem with homework and need an alternative assignment. Again, note that some assignments do not have alternatives: this is up to the teacher.


You may wish to alert your Prefect as to the nature of your limitations, too; your Head can provide moral support and may help you interact with other school members.

The Grey School of Wizardry makes every possible effort to accommodate Apprentice diversity. We strive to make the school accessible and enjoyable for all, and we have some flexibility in adapting class materials and assignments as needed. If you need some sort of accommodation in a class, contact the teacher directly. Note, however, that we may not be able to accommodate everyone or all limitations. There may be some classes that some Apprentices simply will not be able to take, because of various requirements. Please treat your fellow Apprentices with courtesy and respect. If you see an opportunity to help a classmate overcome their difficulties—say, if she asks for study partners or needs someone to proofread her homework—you might volunteer to help.

Remember that history is full of stories about blind, crippled, or otherwise tattered Wizards who nevertheless wield immense power.

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