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Attending Classes

To access the class after admission, click the title of the class in the Approved Classes column. The class overview page will be displayed. Each class overview page follows the same format. At the top is a summary section containing important information about the class. This includes the instructor's name and a link which can be used to contact the instructor. The year level, number of credits, and a class description are also found here.

The next section is the “Lessons for this Class.” Lessons are designed to be studied in the sequence in which they are listed. Click on the “[ View Lesson ]” link to the right of the lesson title to view the lesson page. At the bottom of each lesson page is a link to “Go Back,” which will return you to the class overview page. Read the lessons carefully, as some classes have additional assignments contained within the lessons. Those assignments have alternate methods for submission, often via email directly to the instructor, but a rare few classes also allow for physical material to be sent to the instructor via snail mail as an option to digital formats. Throughout the lessons there will be directions on requesting and completing the various essays listed in the Essay Tests section.

The section below the Lessons is titled “Tests for this Class.” The Tests section has two sub-sections: Essay Tests and Multiple-Choice Tests. Every class will have at least one test. Most classes will have several more essays listed in the Tests section. These are the assignments for the class and are where homework is submitted. The essay editor is covered below. The last section on each class main page is the “Class Feedback” which will link to a feedback form after the final test has been completed with a passing grade. Feedback goes to the Dean of Studies and Dean of Faculty, not to the instructor directly. Grades are entered before the feedback form is submitted, though the credit and the grade information are not released to the student until the feedback form is submitted. Your Class Work

The Essay Tests section lists the assignment names in a column on the left. To the right will be a mostly empty column. The first Essay Test shows a status of “Date Approved: Day Month Year (Queued to be Completed)” where the date will be the same as the date you were admitted into the class. Only one essay will show a status of “(Queued to be Completed).” This is the “active essay.” If no essays show this status message, contact the instructor.

All essay assignments can be viewed at any time during the class by clicking on the essay title. All essay assignment pages start with the title of the assignment. Below the title is a section containing the description of the assignment. If the assignment is not the active essay, the page ends with a “[Go back]” link which returns to the class overview page. For the active essay, there will be a section below the assignment text labeled “Essay Preview.” This area shows the essay from the last time it was saved or previewed. Below the essay preview is the essay editor itself.

The class editor is a WYSIWYG editor. That stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and it means that the essay editor works like many other word processing programs. Formatting is shown on the screen as it will appear after the essay is submitted. The essay editor is inactive upon entering the assignment page. Click once in the essay editor's text area (the area below the rows of buttons) to activate the editor. Several of the editor buttons will become active, and a text insertion point will appear in the text editing area.

The Essay Editor is fully documented in the section The Essay Editor. Below the essay text area is a drop-down menu and a button labeled “Confirm.” The default for the drop down menu is “Preview Essay.” This is the action which will take place when the Confirm button is clicked. Preview Essay reloads the assignment page showing the essay as it will appear once it is submitted in the Essay Preview area.

Note: previewing the essay does not save the essay!

Choose “Save Essay” from the drop-down menu and click on the “Confirm” button to save your work. This will return to the class overview page, so to continue working on the essay from this point, the assignment name must be clicked again to bring up the assignment page. The Essay Preview area will contain the essay as it was last saved, and the essay text with formatting is also in the editor text area to be edited further. Always remember to “Save Essay” when you are done working on your essay. You may save your essay and return later as many times as you need to finish the essay before submitting it for grading.

The last option on the drop-down, “Submit Essay” will send the essay off to be graded when the “Confirm” button is clicked. Be sure you are fully satisfied with your essay before you submit it! Once submitted, you will not be able to change the essay, nor will you be able to view it again until the instructor has graded it. After submitting an essay, you are returned to the class overview page. The essay which was just submitted will show “Date Submitted: Day Month Year (Queued to be Graded)” with the date you submitted the essay.

Please wait up to one week after submitting an essay for grading. If the essay hasn't been graded after a week, you may send a gentle reminder to the instructor. Be sure to include your magickal name, the name of the class, and the name of the essay assignment in your email. Refer to the Chain of Command section if there are further problems with the essay grading process.

Once your essay has been graded, you will be able to use the essay editor for the next essay. Because all assignments are viewable at any time, however, you may work on assignments on your own computer using your own preferred text editor application, then copy and paste your work into the essay editor when the assignment becomes active. Many students find this useful as it saves their work on their own computer as well as on the Grey School servers (a practice that is strongly recommended!). Your work is not kept on the servers indefinitely, but is kept during your entire enrollment.

At any time during your enrollment, you may review any of your completed classes through the links in the Completed Classes section of your Student Information page.

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