Conclave Rules and Info

In October of 2019 The Grey School acquired it's Physical campus in Whitehall, New York comprising of both Highspire manor as well as the Nine-Acre Woods.

The Nine-Acre Woods are a rich area of hill top Conclave space full of flora and wild life. These grounds present a wonderful opportunity to immerse one's self in the magick of nature and her ever enchanting mysteries. In tandem with our Conclave Grounds, the "Highspire Manor" school building serves as a base of operations during events. With a workshop, library, parlor, great hall and classroom, the manor offers an exciting environment to explore arcane secrets and peruse wizardly conversation alike. 

Both the Grounds and Manor Building are open to Apprentices, Magisters, Faculty and Staff, during our School Conclaves.

The following are the Rules we expect all who attend our School Conclaves to observe.

Please note: Every person taking part in Conclaves must abide by these rules.  These rules exist for the safety of the School and its charges. They may not be waived or bypassed, and they must be followed without variance.

If there is currently a conclave  being scheduled, you will see a purple button in the upper right hand side of the forums with information on how to take part!

1. Those in attendance are expected to act in a way which positively reflects on the School while in the Village/interacting with locals.

2. Those in attendance are expected to treat one another with Respect.

3. Those in attendance are expected to listen to, and follow, Instructions issued by the W.I.C.

4. Exploration of the forests beyond the Border of the Nine-Acre Woods is done so at one's one personal risk.

5. All in attendance are expected to practice the honored observance of "Pack it in, pack it out!" This means picking up after one's self and ensuring the space is nicer when you leave than when you arrive.

6. Closed toe boots or shoes are a must for those wishing to explore the Nine-acre woods.


7. Shoes should be removed while in the Manor's 2ed and 3rd floors.


8. Practice Fire Safety when lightning camp/ritual fires! Check the area sounding your fire for burnables before setting your blaze. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!

9. Public Nudity, Drug Use, and the consumption of sardines anywhere on the grounds is strictly prohibited.

10. Running on Trails is ill-advised and best avoided if possible. The paths and trails often have uneven ground which may cause injury to the unaware.


Upon arriving at the Campus, the WIC may have addition instructions, so be sure to listen during orientations.Failure to follow any of the aforementioned rules will result in your removal from the Conclave, and possible Demerits as well.

While these Rules are very important, and we do hope you take them to heart, There is one more thing we'd like you to remember...Have a great time! We love being able to offer this as a space where Wizards the world over can come together for a enriching experience.

Helpful Tips:
1. A small first-aid kit never goes amiss in the traveler's kit!

2. BUG SPRAY, it's your friend and you'll want some!

3. Planning on exploring the woods? You'll want a good pair of boots and some high socks! There are kings of bugs, such as ticks and spiders, who love an exposed ankle for a quick bit! 


4. While we try to make the outdoors as comfortable as possible, it is important to remember that it is still, well, outside! If you plan on camping up in the Nine-Acre Woods you may want to include in your pack a soft pad to lay your sleeping bag on!


Wizards in Charge (The W.I.C.)

Just as every candle needs a wick, Every Conclave needs someone organizing the thing! The Wizard in Charge is just that. They must be a currently enrolled staff, faculty, or administrative member of the Grey School, and have access to the Physical Campus. As the WIC, they will be charged with general organization and helping keep events moving on time and in accordance with the Event schedule.

Release Form

By signing the Conclave release form, participants acknowledge their assumption of risk in Conclave activities.

Finances and Access

In an attempt to ensure that as many Wizards can attend our School Conclaves as possible, the yearly GSW Summer Conclave is Free to attend! That said, only those currently enrolled, currently working for the Grey School , or have special invitation may attend these events.