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Testimonials and Donation

Curious to see what our pupils and supporters have to say about GSW? Here you can read all about their experiences and successes. You'll also be able to learn how the Grey School uses Donations, and how you can lend your support. As a 501c3 Nonprofit we rely on donations to fund scholarships, research, and other important initiatives. Your support makes a difference!


Dean Radin, PhD

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"Your online school is impressive. For a secular introduction to the esoteric traditions, their relationship to modern science, as well as the practice of magick, the curriculum seems well crafted and comprehensive."

How your Donation helps

Donating to the Grey School of Wizardry helps us accomplish a great many projects and goals.

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The Grey School's mission stems not from a desire to make money, but from the idea that the Wisdom of the Ages should be in reach for those that seek it. Scholarships provide an opportunity for peoples from all around the world to attend our school and craft the tools they'll use in the betterment of their communities.


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By Donating to GSW you help to provide funds towards our Scholarship programs.  These Scholarships are awarded yearly in the form of full scholarships and termly in the form of working scholarships.  You can learn more about our scholarships currently available on the Scholarship Page.

In addition to all the wonderful things your donation can do for GSW and our Community, donating also helps you!

All donations made to the Grey school are tax deductible! With the support of generous patrons such as your self, the Grey School will continue its proud tradition of providing the very finest in secular esoteric education available for many years to come.

Clicking the button below will take you to our Paypal Donations Page!

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