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Everything is Alive, Everything is Interconnected

Our Apprenticeship Program

In the finest traditions of Mystery and Trade Schools from ages past The Grey School provides an extensive seven level program of Apprentice studies that cover a full spectrum of Wizardry and Magick.

Apprentices progress through our seven levels of classes learning along the way the skills necessary to become a Wizard in the Modern world. Apprentices are required to complete 12 credits for their first level, or "Year" with following years 2-7 requiring 26 Credits to complete. Apprentices choose a Major and Minor from our list of Sixteen Departments during their second year.
For those who complete the program, they will be awarded a
Journeyman certificate for their chosen field of study. 

All online lessons at the Grey School are "Work at your own pace," and as a result the system of study here at GSW is reliant on the Learner's drive and passions. With every lesson finished and each class completed, Apprentices are empowering one of the greatest magicks one can hope to wield, that being a mastery of their own agency. In addition to this Apprentices at the Grey School will learn the Secrets of Wizardry, The Models of Magick, Arcane History, Practical and Spiritual Alchemy, Conflict Resolution and Leadership Skills, Occult Lore, Defensive Magick, how to make their own Magickal tools
and so much more!

Our Magister Program

The GSW Magister program is designed for those who are interested in learning what the Grey School has to offer but who are not necessarily interested in taking an Apprenticeship into Wizardry or for those who feel that they may be further along than Apprenticeship. 

This Program allows the Magister to take the classes of their choice without the constraints of the structured Apprenticeship program. Magisters are not eligible to receive a Journeyman Certificate, Enroll in the Wizardry 100-799B Class Series or run for Apprentice Leadership positions. Magisters are welcome and encouraged  to enjoy the other aspects of life at Grey School such as Creating or Joining  Clubs, Presenting Workshops during and taking part in Moots and Conclaves, Enrolling in Physical Classes, Engaging with Lodge Activities, watching Video Seminars and much much more.

With over Five Hundred classes on offer, The Magister Program allows one the Freedom to explore what captures their imagination.

Everything is Alive, Everything is Interconnected

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