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Our 16 Departments of Study

Here you can learn a little more about each of the Sixteen Departments that the
Grey School of Wizardry  has to offer.

Ready to Begin Your Studies?

For some the word "Wizard" conjures up images of make-believe, or the stuff of fantasy and legend.

However as you've seen here, Wizardry is quite the academic affair!   While anyone is welcome to walk this path, it is not necessarily a path for everyone; After all, the world needs 
Heroes as well!

The trade of Wizardry is a time-consuming one to be sure and if  fireballs and lightning bolts are your goal you'll be sorely disappointed. No, it is hard work and it takes time as well as study to learn all that now lies before you.

For those who find that they have what it takes, there are few more rewarding arts than ours. As Wizards we build up the world around us, drawing our dreams into reality and inspiring others to reach the best version of themselves. 

Now that you've had a taste of what GSW has to offer we look forward to seeing you join us for the full version of these classes soon!

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