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Berserker, Rules and More

May 31, 2024

In this section, we'll describe the Rules of GSW Berserker.

We are thrilled to introduce GSW to Berserker, a game on our Virtual Campus in Second Life. This Wizardly game of strategy has become a favorite of those who frequent the virtual campus, so much so that we've decided to formally include it's play in our termly operations. To this end, we will be hosting a Termly Berserker Tourney, an end-of-term ladder designed to recognize the best Berserker players at GSW and offer another avenue for Prefects to engage their Lodge Mates, active members to earn some Merits, and for everyone to have a good time doing so!

Tournament Structure:

  • Teams: Each Lodge will form a Berserker team consisting of a minimum of two players. Team makeup will be decided by the Lodge Prefects, who may choose the method for selecting players (e.g., first-come-first-serve, tryouts, etc.). Teams will be named according to Lodge Mascots: Winds- The Curious Sylphs, Flames - The Noble Salamanders, Waters - The Intuitive Undines, and Stones - The Steadfast Gnomes.

  • Practices: Official Berserker practices will be scheduled, with additional off-schedule times available for informal practice. The Captain will assist Lodge Prefects in scheduling formal Lodge Team practices.

  • Meets: Official Berserker Meets will be held once per month to practice and track player and team skills. These meets will mirror the Official Tourney structure (three matches, top players matched). Lodge Prefects may also arrange additional Lodge Meets as desired.

Scoring and Rules:

  • Match Scoring: Each move a player makes in a match earns them one point, with the lowest score ranking highest. A regular win (three in a row) subtracts five points from the player’s score, and a "Berserker win" (all of a player’s pieces on the board at once) subtracts ten points. Likewise, the Loser of the Match will receive a five point penalty to their score in the case of a normal loss, and a 10 point penalty for a Berserker Loss.

  • Tournament Scoring: Point totals from each team will be compared, with the lowest score Moving onto the next round.

  • Referees: All meets must have a referee, and the Captain will referee official games. Referees may have an assistant to help with scheduling and scoring.

Tournament Progression:

  • Month 1: Gnomes vs. Undines. The winning Lodge advances to the Semi-Final Meet and earns 10 merits.

  • Month 2: Salamanders vs. Sylphs. The winning Lodge advances to the Semi-Final Meet and earns 10 merits.

  • Month 3 (Semi-Final): Winning Lodges from Months 1 and 2 face off. The best player from each team will compete in the Championship Tournament. The winning Lodge earns 20 merits.

  • Championship Tourney: The top two players compete in a best three out of five series of games for the title. The Champion will earn 100 merits for their lodge as well as a full scholarship for the next term.

Additional Notes:

  • Top players from the official monthly meets will be recognized in Grey Matters.

  • Teams must be assembled by the day of the first Official Meet, and players must be actively enrolled in GSW. Journeymen may participate.

  • We are exploring the possibility of recording games for posterity. If you have AV tech expertise, please reach out to your Prefect.

We encourage all Lodges to start assembling their teams and begin practicing as soon as they can. The competition promises to be fierce, and the rewards are significant.

Good luck to all our participants, and may the best Wizard win!

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