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Academic Progress Tracker

Academic Progress Tracker

Learn about the Academic progress Tracker and how to use it.

The Academic Progress Tracker is a crucial tool for apprentices at the Grey School of Wizardry, providing a comprehensive overview of your academic journey. This section allows pupils to monitor the classes they have completed and identify the courses they need to take to progress through their Apprenticeship.

  1. Overview of Completed and Pending Courses:

    • Apprentices can see a detailed list of the classes they have already completed, along with grades and credits earned, located at the bottom of this page. This helps in tracking academic achievements and ensuring all required coursework is on schedule.

  2. Year-Specific Course Requirements:

    • The tracker is divided by academic years, with each year displaying the specific courses required for that level. Year 1 apprentices will see only the Grey School of Wizardry (GSW) Core Classes. These foundational courses are essential for building a solid base in wizardry studies.

  3. Major and Minor Specializations:

    • Starting from Year 2, apprentices can select a major and, if desired, a minor. The tracker will then display the required courses for their chosen specialization(s). This includes both major-specific and minor-specific classes, helping students plan their academic pathway effectively.

  4. Credits and Grades:

    • The tracker provides detailed information on the number of credits earned and the grades received for each course. This feature is crucial for students to ensure they meet the credit requirements for graduation.

  5. Course Catalog Link:

    • A direct link to the Course Catalog is available, allowing pupils to explore additional courses, electives, and new learning opportunities that can complement their primary studies.

  6. Average Grade Calculation:

    • The tracker displays the average grade for the courses completed, giving pupils a clear view of their academic performance.

  • Accessing the Tracker: Apprentices can access the Academic Progress Tracker through their Grimoire, found on the forums or homepage once logged in.

  • Navigating the Tracker: The interface is user-friendly, with clear labels and sections for each academic year. Apprentices can easily switch between years to see the requirements and their progress. Clicking on the tab with the year number (e.g., Year 1, Year 2) will expand to show the specific courses and requirements for that level or year.

  • Planning Ahead: By using the tracker, apprentices can plan their future classes, ensuring they meet all necessary prerequisites and requirements for their major and minor. It is a valuable tool for maintaining academic focus and achieving timely graduation.

The Tracker's Sections

  • Top Section: Displays the current academic year, credits earned this level, and average grade.

  • Major and Minor Selection: Shows the selected major and minor starting from Year 2.

  • Yearly Breakdown: Each academic year is tabbed, showing the required courses for that year. Clicking on a year tab will display the courses required for that level.

  • Course Details: Lists the courses with their respective departments, credits, and completion status.

  • Academic History: At the bottom, a summary of all completed courses, along with completion dates, grades, and total credits earned.

Some Detailed Instructions
  1. Viewing Your Progress:

    • Upon opening into your Grimoire, navigate to the Academic Progress Tracker section by clicking the "Academic Progress Tracker" button.

    • Here, you will see an overview of your current academic year and progress, including credits earned and average grades.

  2. Selecting a Year:

    • Click on the tab corresponding to the academic year you wish to view (e.g., Year 1, Year 2).

    • This action will expand the tab to show the specific courses required for that year, including core classes, major, and minor courses if applicable.

  3. Understanding Course Requirements:

    • Each expanded year tab will display a list of required courses, along with the department, credits, and completion status for each course.

    • First Years will primarily see GSW Core Classes, while subsequent year pupils will see a mix of core, major, and minor classes depending on your selections.

  4. Tracking Credits and Grades:

    • The tracker shows the number of credits earned per course and the overall credits accumulated for each academic year.

    • It also displays the grades received for completed courses, helping you track your academic performance.

  5. Using the Course Catalog Link:

    • For more information about available courses, click on the Course Catalog link provided in the tracker.

    • This will take you to the comprehensive list of courses offered at GSW, where you can explore additional electives and learning opportunities.

  6. Monitoring Progress Towards Graduation:

    • The tracker visually represents your progress towards completing your program.

    • Use this feature to ensure you are on track with your academic goals and make any necessary adjustments to your course schedule.

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