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Your Grimoire

Your Grimoire

Learn about your Grimoire, your GSW Hub.

Your Grimoire, located in the lower left of the forums and accessible from the homepage when logged in, is the central hub of your educational journey at the Grey School of Wizardry. This essential tool serves as a gateway to a wealth of resources and functions integral to your learning experience.

Through your Grimoire, you'll gain access to the extensive course catalog, manage your current class enrollments, track your lodge's performance in the Lodge Competition, and select your major or minor. It also allows you to monitor your overall progress toward program completion. Should you need guidance or have questions about your next steps, don't hesitate to reach out to your prefect at for dedicated assistance.

The Parts of Your Grimoire

Your Grimoire consists of several sections, each designed to facilitate different aspects of your learning journey:

  1. Rotating Menu and Term Countdown

    • At the top of your Grimoire, marked by a yellow box in the image above, you'll find a rotating menu promoting various GSW activities and opportunities. This section also contains a countdown to the end of the current term, helping you keep track of important dates and deadlines.

  2. The Hub

    • Directly below the rotating menu is your Hub, outlined by a green box in the image. This area provides links to various important pages at GSW, such as the Class Signup page, the Lodge Competition Page, and the Bug Reporting thread. You'll also find links to the GSW Discord and your tuition page here. Notably, if any button is greyed out, like the "Select Major" button in the example, it indicates that the requirements for that option are not currently met. In this case, the button is greyed out because the user has not yet reached Year 2, a requirement for selecting a major. Your current Year or Level is displayed prominently in the center of this section. Additionally, the Hub includes a link to the Academic Progress Tracker, a vital tool for monitoring your progress through your courses and overall program completion. This tracker helps you stay on top of your academic achievements and identify any areas that may need more focus.

  3. Name Plate and Lodge Badge

    • Moving to the next section, you'll see your name plate, which displays your name, your Lodge badge (outlined in a purple diamond), and an Info button for more details about the Grimoire. Look for these Info buttons throughout the site, especially on the class selection page for additional guidance.

  4. Enrolled Courses

    • Below your name plate is a section marked in gold, showing your currently enrolled classes. After enrolling in a class, you'll need to return to your Grimoire to access it. To access an enrolled class, click on the name of the class in the Enrolled Courses menu (boxed in red in the example). This action will take you to the class's homepage, where you can begin your learning journey.

  5. Profile Management

    • The second section is your profile management area, outlined in blue in the example. Here, you can set your profile photo and cover photo and make edits to your account. Remember, profile photos must adhere to the school's guidelines, prohibiting nudity, sexually explicit content, violence, and disturbing images. Photos should avoid popular art, cartoons, or images, aiming to be a realistic representation of the user.

  6. Grimoire Resources Tab

    • In the lower right, you'll find the Grimoire's Resources tab, outlined by a gold star in the example. This resource guide offers useful tables and charts for your studies at GSW and can be accessed within any lesson.

  7. Member's Chat Feature

    • Lastly, the Member's Chat feature, outlined in an orange box in the example, allows you to reach out to fellow students and teachers for questions, collaboration, and community engagement. This feature may be referred to in older classes as the "Office Hours Message System" or similar variants, enabling a collaborative and supportive environment.

By familiarizing yourself with these sections and utilizing the tools and resources available through your Grimoire, you'll be well-equipped to navigate and excel in your educational journey at the Grey School of Wizardry.

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