Awards and Honors

The Lodge Cup

The five Lodges compete for the Lodge Cup award. The results of these competitions are announced twice a year, at the equinoxes.

Currently, the awards are calculated in this way:

1. The number of credits earned by a Lodge in the past six months is multiplied by 4 (this is done automatically by the site software);

2. The revised credits total is then added to the total number of merits earned by the Lodge;

3. The total is divided by the number of students in that Lodge.

The Lodge with the highest combined average wins the Lodge Cup.

The Lumos Award

The Lumos Award was created to recognize Lodges that are functioning at an optimal level, i.e., that demonstrate spirit, enthusiasm, activity, advancement, a strong Prefect, etc. Lumos awards are made on the equinoxes. See the Dean of Students forum for requirements. The Lumos insignia is below:



The Dean's List

A Dean’s List appointment is made for those who receive 3 nominations for work done in Levels 1-7. Those at Level 8 or higher are no longer eligible for Dean’s List recognition. The Dean's List is administered by the Dean of Curriculum as well as the Provost. Any teacher may nominate any Apprentice or Magister for the Dean's List (DL) in recognition of academic excellence demonstrated in a class taught by that teacher. Three nominations earn the individual DL status for their current Level. The nominations can be from three different teachers, or from the same teacher but regarding different classes. 


• Academic Excellence, IE a benchmark of scoring of 95% or better on all or most assignments.

• Others look for a general level of excellence, or for answers that exceed the requirement or show special insight or curiosity.

Dean's List appointments are made as they occur. Once on the Dean's List, the Apprentice, or Magister's, name remains posted for six months from the appointment date. If a Apprentice who has already made the DL receives three more appointments while still at the same Level (i.e., before they have advanced to the next level), they are notified of the nominations and their appointment date to the DL is “upgraded” to reflect their “reappointment,” but they do not receive additional merits, etc. As soon as Apprentices advance to the next Level, they are then freshly eligible to be appointed to the Dean’s List at their new level.

• Apprentices who make the Dean's List once will graduate cum laude ("with honor").

• Apprentices who make the Dean's List at 2-5 Levels will graduate magna cum laude ("with high honor").

• Apprentices who make the Dean's List at 6 or 7 Levels will graduate summa cum laude ("with highest honor").

These recognitions will be noted on the Apprentice's Journeyman Letter.

In addition to this, Apprentices who Earn a single Dean's listing in a term, will receive a Silver Star for their regalia, while those Apprentices who earn Five in a single term will rewarded with a Gold Star.

Dean's List nominations and awards are tracked by the Dean of Curriculum.

Other Awards

Some academic departments offer their own special awards . It’s a flexible way for teachers to give extra recognition for individual excellence, to outstanding Apprentices and involved Magisters. Departmental awards are issued by department Deans, who also set the award parameters. Each department lists awards given in the forums in the Department Offices. Details of such awards are the domain of the department Deans. Awards and their requirements are also listed in the Awards forum.

Non-academic awards may also be created by the appropriate staff or faculty member. For example, certain clubs, houses, and lodges offer special awards to members meeting certain criteria.

Any awards for which regalia, patches, pins, etc., are created must be run by the Dean of Students so that the ideas can be formally entered into the GSW Regalia.