Lodges of GSW

The Five Lodges

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Your Lodge assignment is based on the element associated with your astrological sun sign and age. Our youth Apprentices, those under the age of 18, are sorted into our Psyche Lodge while Adults are sorted into one of four Elemental lodges. The dates used for sorting are as follows:

Astrological Signs and their Lodge

Apr 21 - May 21 (Taurus) Stones
Jan 21 - Feb 19 (Aquarius) Winds
Mar 21 - Apr 20 (Aries) Flames
Feb 20 - Mar 20 (Pisces) Waters

Aug 24 - Sep 23 (Virgo) Stones
May 22 - Jun 21 (Gemini) Winds
Jul 24 - Aug 23 (Leo) Flames
Jun 22 - Jul 23 (Cancer) Waters

Dec 22 - Jan 20 (Capricorn) Stones
Sep 24 - Oct 23 (Libra) Winds
Nov 23 - Dec 21 (Sagittarius) Flames
Oct 24 - Nov 22 (Scorpio) Waters

Choosing a Different Lodge

Rarely, an Apprentice may feel that regardless of sorting, they would find a better fit in a different lodge. If this is the case, the Apprentice should discuss it with the Head of Lodges or the Dean of Students. In some (infrequent) cases, where the reasons are compelling, the school will allow the Apprentice to change Lodges.
Note: we do not generally allow a change simply based on the Apprentice having a friend or family member in a different Lodge. In fact, in this case we’d encourage the Apprentice to stay put, so as to make new friends in GSW!


The Lodges

Our Lodges provide Apprentices with an opportunity to bond with other Apprentices and form a group identity within the larger Apprentice body.

Each Lodge has a Lodge site/page and a forum for its members on the school website. Each Lodge is led by an Apprentice Prefect. The Lodges have a single faculty Head to moderate the forum and carry out other functions, this person is called the Head of Lodges.

Handy Hint! To find your Prefect, go to your Lodge forum or the Dean of Students forum.

The Head of Lodges

The GSW Lodges are led by a Head—a member of the Grey School staff or faculty.  Along with the Apprentice Captain, the Head is responsible for the health, well being, and vitality of Apprentice leadership. The Head assists the Prefects in planning projects for leading the group, and also assures that all activities adhere to GSW policy. The Head of Lodges can also create challenges and award merits to deserving Apprentices.