Access your My Account page from the link in the Student's Area of the left-hand column. The central column of the Student Information page is divided into sections. These sections start with Student Stats and Class Information. Below that is the header of the most recent bulletin.


Student Stats

The date and time you last accessed the site is shown first. Next is your Magickal Name, your current Study Year, your Average Grade, and the number of credits you have earned at the current Study Year level. The Student Stats section also shows scores for the five  Lodges. Those statistics include how many credits have been completed, how many pupils are in each Lodge, and how many Merits each Lodge has earned in the current term. There is also an Average Score for each Lodge. These scores are the current standings in the Lodge Cup challenges which run from Equinox to Equinox. At each Equinox, the Lodge statistics are zeroed out to begin again.

The gateway to classes at the Grey School is found in the bottom section of the My Account page. This section is divided into three columns. On the left, the column titled “Approved Classes” is a listing of the classes in which you are currently enrolled. In the center, the column titled “Pending Classes” is a list of classes you have requested, but have not yet been enrolled by the instructor. On the right is a column titled "Completed Classes." For the up to four classes listed here, click on the class title to review the lessons and your graded assignments. If you have completed more than 4 classes, there will be a link to "View a complete list." Once looking at that complete list, click on the 'View Class' links following the class titles to review the lessons and your assignments.


Signing up for Classes

The link to “Sign up for Classes” is only available if your course load is not already full. Students may enroll in up to four concurrent classes. To enroll in classes, click on the “Sign up for Classes” link at the bottom of the Class Information section. At the top of the next page, there will be links for each level. First year students will see only a link for “Year 1” classes. Second year students will see the “Year 1” classes link as well as a “Year 2” classes link, and so forth. Select a year to view the classes at that level. Once you are viewing a list of classes, any classes which you are enrolled or have already completed will be indicated as such. All other classes will have a link to request admission. Clicking the link to request admission will return you to your Student Information page and the requested class will now be displayed in the Pending Classes column of the Class Information section, along with the date the request was made.

You will receive email when you have been admitted to a requested class. Continue to check your Class Information section as well. If you see that the class has moved from the Pending Classes list to the Approved Classes list and you did not receive an email message, check your Junk Mail and make sure that your email program knows that mail from is not spam.

Please allow up to one week to be approved into a class! If the class is still in the Pending Classes list one week after the date requested, you any contact the instructor via email. Include your Magickal Name and the class for which you are awaiting admission. Remember that instructors donate their teaching time and all have responsibilities outside of the Grey School.