Lesson One: Seeing the Waves

Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Mar 1, 2023

Lesson One: Seeing the Waves

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Lesson One: Seeing the Waves

First off, let's talk about “synchronicity waves.” A synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related. In our lives, we tend to see synchronicities appear when we are going on the path in life which resonates with us best. The longer we follow this path the greater the synchronicity becomes, building on itself, creating a synchronicity wave. These are the big moments in our lives when everything really seems to be going our way.

Maybe it’s that big promotion at work, or just hitting all green lights on the way home, the more you follow the path the greater the synchronicities will become. One of the very first steps in your path as a Wizard will be to take a moment and really examine the events of your life and see where it is the waves seem to push you. Being able to see these waves is not only very beneficial for you, as it will help you plot a course through the sea of life, but so too will it aid you in helping others, which is one of the key foundations to what it means to be a Wizard. Now comes the fun part, riding the wave! When we can take notice of the events in our life which appear to stack on top of the synchronicity wave, we can start to replicate them. By taking charge of these moments we help to arrange events in a way that keep the wave going.

Take note as here we will touch upon one of the great pieces of Wizardry, that being the idea of seeing ahead. It can be hard to see what lies ahead of us when we are at the low part of a wave. The sea of life can at times be turbulent and choppy! However, once you find yourself riding the top of the synchronicity wave you will be granted an opportunity to look around and plan ahead. Say we are playing chess, you and I right here and now! Well, let's say you look at the game in its present state, as well as what it might look like one turn from now. Pretty good, and that is already better than most! However when a Wizard looks at a problem or a turn of chess, the goal is to see not one move ahead, but five! Why, you ask? Well, it has to do with planning a course. As Wizards one of the things we will seek to do is help others. A good way to do this is by helping them with problems they may not yet see. This is where that planning ahead I mentioned before comes into play. You see, where the person you are meant to be helping is only looking one move ahead, you are looking at five, and will be better able to help your charge.

Maybe you feel that you are at a point in your life where there are just not a lot of waves to ride at the moment. Perhaps the sea around you is calm and unmoving. Consider turning to look around, in doing so you will create a ripple and the very beginning of the wave. Seize those moments as they appear to you, and build upon the wave in all that you can. Soon enough you will see your synchronicity wave swelling to the size of a tsunami. That's all well and good to say, but how is it done? Well, it’s actually pretty simple! Let's say that you have always been drawn to doing more with yourself. Perhaps an unquenched desire deep down for something more. Let's say you ignore this feeling as best you can until one day you bump into a big poster for a movie about Ice Baseball. You think it’s pretty nifty so you go home and Google the movie and at some point in your intensive research, you click a link which takes you to an article all about real Baseball players. You read on, hooked by the interesting material, spending an hour longer than you intended looking over all the fascinating information. The next day you notice that things in your life are a little more positive, things seem to go your way a little more easily. Here we have our first synchronicity. Let's say that the deeper you go into Baseball the better your life seems to get! Perhaps you are then compelled to try out for the local team, maybe a scout sees you, maybe you end up in the major leagues! Now while results may vary, when we build the synchronicities our lives improve. In the example above, things in your life pulled you to baseball, and the more that you did relating to baseball, the better your life seemed to get!

This is how one builds their synchronicity wave. As Wizards, you will start to notice the beginnings of these waves sooner and sooner, until you reach a point where you can see the full potential of something right from its birth.

When the signs in your life tend to point you towards magick, helping others, and a tasteful appreciation of well-crafted robes and books about Wizardry, perhaps the waves are pushing you in the direction of becoming a Wizard. One of the things I have found to be most true in this life is this, fighting against the tide simply wears you out! When all signs point towards the path, chances are that you are meant to walk along it. Granted maybe the path of Wizardry is simply the stepping stone to something greater for you later on. Or perhaps you are destined to become one of the great wizards whose names live on in our stories and tomes. I am sorry to say I can’t tell the future (though I know someone who can...) What I can tell you is this, you reading this lesson at this moment at this time is no accident, and the events which lead to you coming across it were not either. This might be the base of a wave for you, or near the crest, though no matter where it may fall, let us see where the wave takes us.

Homework Assignment #1: Your Magickal Journal

Here is your first task in your studies as a Wizard’s Apprentice: Acquire a blank Journal to write in specifically for Wizardry. You will be able to find blank notebooks with distinctive covers—sometimes even little padlocks—in many gift stores, especially metaphysical ones. Try to purchase one with a hardcover, so that it will hold up well over time, or if you’re feeling crafty, bind one of your own!

Print out the bookplates on p. 7 of the Grimoire for the apprentice, and paste one onto the first page of your Journal. Fill in your magickal name in the blank space, as well as the date you begin using it. Below is an electronic version of the bookplate that you can use by using a right mouse click to save the image to your computer and then printing it out.

If you'd like to learn a little more and are interested in such things I encourage you watch this Video It's audio is a bit rough but if you can manage it has a useful bit of information here and there.

In your Magickal Journal, I want you to start taking note of the synchronicities taking place in your life. Make note of the ones you notice at the moment and at the end of the day reflect back and see if there were any you missed.

After writing in your Journal for a week, describe your results in a post as Essay # 1: Journal. What type of book did you choose for your Journal, and why? Are there more synchronicities than you anticipated? Did you discover anything about yourself or begin to see patterns in the synchronicities during this process?