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Physical Classes at
The Grey School of Wizardry 

General Information on Physical Classes
In October of 2019 The Grey School acquired a Physical campus in Whitehall, New York. This space also hosts our School Store, Magick Alley. The nine acres of hill top Conclave Grounds, and the "Highspire Manor" school building are open to Apprentices and Magisters alike during our yearly Conclaves, and starting in Spring 2022, during Physical Classes!

Physical Classes will take on average 2-3 days to complete offering Apprentices and Magisters alike an opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the lesson material. In addition to a place to sleep, food to eat, and the occasional game of chess, those enrolled in classes at the Physical Campus will have access to an impressive nine acres of hilltop conclave ground to explore and connect with the natural world between classes.

These courses are an excellent opportunity to quickly finish specific classes, gain an additional credit for the class, and take a more indepth look at subject material. Not only this, our Physical Classes offer Apprentices and Magisters alike an opportunity to participate in hands on learning and make lasting bonds with their classmates.

Physical Class Tuition Costs:

In an effort to keep the experience of in person learning as accessible as possible, classes will cost $250 with no additional fees for room and board.  Specific classes may require those enrolling to bring certain reagents, though the school will endeavor to ensure that the basics for most arcane activities are close at hand.


Benefits of Physical Classes
Those enrolled in physical classes receive in addition to the Class itself:

  •  Breakfast and Dinner at the Manor with an hour break for lunch. 

  • A bed in Highspire. (First Come First Serve on Bedrooms!)

  • Access to Magick Alley in person! (No Shipping Costs!)

  • Access to the Grey School Conclave Grounds to explore between classes!

  • (Planned) Access to a Greenhouse

  • (Planned) Access to the Workshop

 In addition to all this it is important to note that In person classes award slightly more credits than their online counter-parts.
The increased academic value in the form of an additional credit on these in person classes helps to reflect their impact and benefit to the learning process. This means that some physical classes will have the potential of awarding 4 credits providing a great opportunity to make headway towards your next level of study!

Signing up for Physical Classes:

Step One: Check the Forums to see if there are any Physical Class Interest Posts or Announcements.
Teachers will always post on the Forums when they are planning to teach an in person class.

Step Two: Express your interest in taking the class on the teachers post! Once Four people have expressed interest in taking a course in person, your teacher will be able to activate class sign ups in the Class Roster.

Step Three: Locate the Physical Class listing in the Class Roster and click the [Sign up for Class] button. While the School is currently pursuing a larger physical space to accommodate more Apprentices and Magisters, the current max size of a class is Four, not including the teacher. This means that the first Four people will be Accepted into the class, with anyone else who has Signed up being added to a waiting list. 

Step Four: Once you've been accepted into the class, you will have One Week from the time of being accepted to pay the class tuition. If for any reason someone is unable to pay tuition, they will be bumped from the class and the next person on the waiting list will be allowed in. When a physical class is activeYou'll be able to pay your tuition here.

Step Five: After Four people have paid tuition the class will be live and an Email will be sent with directions to the Campus, a class schedule, and a list of any required reagents or materials

Step Six: Make your Travel Arrangements and get any necessary reagents listed by your Instructor. 

Step Seven: Arrive Safely and Learn well!


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