Before you go: 2020, metaphysically speaking

“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” ~ Saint Augustine

As we countdown the final weeks of 2020, I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s ready to see it go. But I also believe there’s a method to the madness and I’m always mindful of a lesson to be learned, a silver lining waiting to be found. So, before we say hello to 2021, let’s dig a little deeper into where we’ve been.

From a numerological perspective, 2020 has A LOT going on. The first is the appearance of duplicates - two two’s and two zeros, to be precise - both openly vying for your attention. Seeing two of a number is like the Universe saying “Hey! Right here! THIS is important!” In fact, that’s why we have Master Numbers in numerology - doubles are a bit of a big deal - and this year, we have TWO of them. Incidentally, we won’t see this kind of double again until 2121, so give that some thought too. This is a rare occurrence.

Breaking it down, the number two represents partnerships. Where one is you alone, two is how you connect with others and this includes all your relationships - your family, your friends, your co-workers - anyone and everyone in your path. Two is a sensitive, intuitive and nurturing energy, encouraging us to “play nice.” It’s about learning how to work together to achieve common goals.

And that all sounds pretty groovy, doesn’t it? So, let’s talk about those zeros…

Zero is pure potential. It’s the All or Nothing of the Universe. When zeros start showing up, it’s time to consider the possibilities, especially those that offer a pathway to radical transformation.

And just between you and me, I’d say “radical” is a good representation of this year.

Surrounded by those twos, our double zeros suggest it's time to rethink the reality we’ve built as a society. Anything is possible and everything is on the table, but we’ll have to work together to achieve our greatest goals.

Now, numerology likes to reduce, so remove those zeros and we have 22 - one of those Master Numbers we talked about earlier. This number tells us some profound revelations are on the way and with those, the opportunity to use the insight you receive for the benefit of the greater good. It’s a time to tear down and rebuild, hopefully creating something better in the process but either way, we can’t stay where we are any longer.

And finally, if we reduce again (2+2), we get 4, bringing it all together.

Four IS the rebuilding we’re being encouraged to undertake here, and it’s a no-nonsense kind of influence. No more stalling, no more pretending - we’ve got work to do and it won’t wait. When four shows up, it’s time to think about what you’re working with. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t first build a strong foundation to work from and interestingly, we see this energy reinforced through astrology as well - the Fourth House is considered to be the “House of Home.” This is where you put down your roots. It represents the infrastructure upon which you’ll build something grand. Four is practical, steadfast and supportive. It is the clarity you need to bring your dreams to life.

Ok yes, I know, I know - 2020 did NOT feel like a year of clarity and support at all, but stay with me here, because we’re not done.

Turning to the Tarot, 2020 is represented by the Emperor (2+0+2+0 = 4) - the 4th card in the Major Arcana of any standard deck.

The Emperor is all about foundation, structure and perseverance. Generally speaking, this is a solid, stable energy, but it also represents all that is patriarchal - a fatherly figure that denotes strength and authority. A push to do better and the expectation that you will. In a personal reading, this card could certainly represent a single individual, but this reading is a little different. Here, it’s more like the mindset needed to deal with the challenges we face. Do or do not, as Yoda would say. There is no try. This is the Emperor - decisive, forceful, fearless. And with the right foundation (there’s that foundation theme again!), it can lead us to incredible new heights.

What we’ve discovered in 2020 however, is that our foundations weren’t as solid as we might have thought. The systems we’ve built weren’t as efficient and effective as we hoped they would be, and the Emperor shines a light on these weaknesses.

Instead of advancing our goals, we’ve seen things fall apart and in some cases, on an amazingly grand scale. All the little dark corners we’ve been ignoring are suddenly demanding our attention and we have been faced with some important decisions: How do we want to go forward? Who are we as individuals? As communities? As a species?

Are we ready for the growing pains that come with an evolution?

This is one area where we, as wizards can lead the way, as we’re quite adept at peeling back the layers and looking past the veil. A wise Provost once wrote, “a great deal of a Wizard’s power comes from knowledge, and there is no greater knowledge than the knowledge of self.” This has been the charge of 2020 and it’s one we can use to deepen our magick and expand our practice.

So, while 2021 will definitely bring something new to work with (and yes, we’ll do this same “deep dive” for the coming year in a future post), it’s worth taking a moment (or two!) in these last few weeks to reflect: Have you used this year to its full advantage? Have you used the energies to get clear about where you want to go?

For me personally, being at Grey School has been one of the biggest steps I’ve taken toward those goals and it’s also helped me see where I need to focus next. Sometimes, just ‘leaning in’ is enough to set the Universe in motion and every action you take after helps to refine the opportunities (and challenges) that cross your path.

Self-reflection - as difficult as it might be - is essential to our well-being and personal growth. Self-reflection paves the path for the wizard.


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