I took a digital detox*

I did a digital detox for about a week. While I didn't unplug my computer and spend the week meditating, I certainly did try to think about how I've been living my life and make changes to improve. I limited online gaming, I checked messages and emails, but I tried to cut online video almost entirely and reset all my YT subscriptions so as to curate them when I return. Here are a few observations

  1. While I think I correctly identified video as my primary internet addiction, the human mind when properly motivated...will always gladly conjure new distractions! That said, the human mind when properly motivated can also achieve great things.

  2. You can experience peer pressure or distraction within the home, practice setting boundaries.

  3. it's okay to be opinionated, it can be fun sharing your point of view respectfully with friends. That being said, you should focus more on what connects you to others than what separates you.

  4. You are what you eat, that goes for media as well as food! Curate what you consume with due care.

  5. Sometimes the exact right use of your time is petting your cat.

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