Posting on the Forums

Postings on the forum are individual messages written by your fellow Apprentices and Instructors. These messages are arranged into topics, which are also called threads. A list of topics make up a Forum, but a Forum can also hold one or more Forums within it. For example, starting from the main School Forums index page, The Grey School of Wizardry Forum Index, the Offices subsection includes the subsection for the Department Dean Offices. The Department Dean Offices is a category containing 16 individual forums, one for each of the departments of study. Each of these 16 forums contains many different topic threads.

Buttons to create a “New Topic” are found on some but not all pages within the School Forums. If the page currently shows the messages in a topic, then there will probably be both a New Topic and a Post Reply button at both the top and bottom of the page. If the page currently shows the topic list in the current Forum, there will be a New Topic button at the top and bottom of the page.

Both of these buttons open up an editor for composing your forum post. The forum editor is very different from the Essay editor in which class work is done.


Before you Post a New Topic

Consider where your post really belongs. To post in the “General” area, topics need to be age appropriate, must relate in some way to magick, and be of general interest. If the topic you want to start is personal in nature, post it to your Lodge. If the topic is very specific to one of the 16 departments, post it in the appropriate Department Office.

Do a search to find out if there is already a topic related to what you want to post. Replying to existing topics with topical information helps keep subject matter focused.

When posting a new topic, please use a clear and specific topic header. Naming your topic “question” or “foo” is not recommended, but instead topic names like “Question about charging water under moonlight” or “Nicola Tesla-Forgotten Wizard” make for a very focused discussion.