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Long ago, humanity sat beneath the stars in awe of the shimmering heavens. Dazzled by their splendor,  and the strange feelings that came with this new wonder, we began to seek out the occult (hidden) knowledge of the world.  In our travels we sought out caves and dwellings that might keep us from the cold; fires to light our way and cook our food; a favorable breeze on the hunt and  the sweet healing embrace of rain. The Elements of the world provided time and time again for the needs of humanity as we climbed ever higher in the ladder of Evolution. Those who first created fires, who understood the rains or knew the ways of the land, became our first Wise ones, or Wizards. However, before they were able to reach out to the elements around them, they first had to recognize the element with-in. Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, all present around us, but a fifth even closer element exists, and it exists in you! This is the Element of Spirit, ( or Ether to some).

The Fellowship of Psyche is the  fifth Lodge here at Grey School and is dedicated to the element of Spirit. 

Spirit exists in all things, though it exists in great excess for those young in years and keen of heart.
That is to say, Young Wizards have a Great deal of Potential!  
Our Lodge is definitely fewer in years than the other Lodges might be and while some may be intimidated by the challenge of competing in the Lodge competition; We Psyche are never afraid to meet a task with determination, innovation, passion and community. 

As Apprentice Wizards in the Fellowship of Psyche we strive to find strengths in our peers that complement our shortcomings and vice versa. If I am afraid of the dark, but I love to swim, and Sal loves the dark and is afraid to swim, Together we  can build one another up! 

The Motto of our lodge is
"Pariter Sapientes Nos Sumus"

This means "Together we are wise" which represents not only the unity of our lodge, but also the interconnectedness of our School as a whole.


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