Registration and Tuition


New Enrollees: New enrollees in the GSW are required, depending on their payment plan, to pay either one month’s or a full year's tuition at the time of enrollment.

Continuing Apprentices: The GSW requires an annual renewal of tuition at a flat rate, with a small additional fee when Apprentices level-up.


Annual Plan: All new Apprentices must pay their first calendar years' worth of tuition in full via mail or PayPal.


Monthly plan: This option is only available apprentices who are using PayPal to pay their tuition. These amounts will be automatically deducted from the Apprentice's designated account each month as long as the Apprentice remains in the Grey School. This automatic payment option (subscription) is only available through PayPal. For Apprentices preferring to mail in tuition payment in the form of a check or money order, the monthly subscription option is not be available.

Level-Up Fee: In addition to either monthly or annual tuition payment, Apprentices pay a “leveling-up” fee upon moving up to a new level. All current fees and tuition information are available on the GSW main site. 

“Pending Tuition” Status:

When it is time for you to pay tuition or level-up fees, your GSW account will be moved, temporarily, into “Pending Tuition” status. During this time, you will be unable to access the school site or forums. As soon as you pay the tuition due, your access will be restored.

If you are unable to pay tuition at the time you are moved into “Pending Tuition” status, you should do so as quickly as possible. Although there is currently no “hard limit” on time spent under Pending status, there may come a time when the Pending roles are purged and your membership in the GSW revoked. If this happens, you are welcome to re-enroll at any time but will need to begin anew at Level 1.

IMPORTANT If You Leave the GSW

If you leave the GSW, and are paying tuition via the monthly subscription plan, discontinuing the payments is up to you. Even if we withdraw you from the school ranks, your automatic payments will continue until you disable them! Canceling your PayPal payments is your responsibility, and we cannot reimburse you for payments made because you failed to cancel your subscription.

Special Notes

Apprentices who reach L7 without completing a Major and graduating may continue as Apprentices under the usual 24 credits/Level structure; their tuition rate will continue to increase for each level at the regular youth or adult rate.

For Apprentices who complete a Major, graduate, and want to continue to take GSW classes, tuition costs will continue to accrue and increase at the usual rate. (In the future, the GSW may adjust tuition for graduates, but this is not yet the case.)

Captains do not pay tuition; Captains who “level up” should contact the Dean of Students; the Dean will arrange their access to the next level.
Members of staff, faculty, administration, and/or Board of Directors also do not pay tuition.


Donations to the Grey School

Because our tuition prices are so low, the GSW is always looking for donations to help fund school improvements, web maintenance, etc. The Apprentice and faculty main pages feature “Donate” buttons, allowing a simple way to donate to the school. For questions, or if you would prefer to make a non-electronic donation, please contact a member of the administration.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Grey School of Wizardry currently offers scholarship programs for Apprentices who might not be able to attend or continue their Wizardly education due to financial concerns. The Hermes Scholarship and the Pay it Forward Scholarship are awarded to adult and youth applicants, respectively.

Both programs are funded through donations from benefactors at Grey School who, in effect, pay the tuition of that Apprentice for a period of one calendar year. When this period expires, the recipient is encouraged to take advantage of our multiple, low cost payment options. The recipient may re-apply for a new scholarship if needed, but the award of such is not guaranteed. The number of Apprentices awarded with scholarships is dependent on the available funds at the time of application as well as the number of suitable applicants. It is important to note that the continuation of this scholarship is provided with the assumption that the Apprentice will remain active within Grey School.

To find out more about our Scholarship program, please contact the Dean of Students.