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Circle of the Standing Stones

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Lodge Patron: Wolf of the Standing Stones
Elemental Mascot: The Steadfast Gnome

Current Prefect:
Prefect Dega, Wizard in the 3rd Degree

Like the Earth which nourishes and protects us,
members of the Stones Lodge seek to deepen their connections to world around us, finding our inner strengths while expanding our wizardly knowledge and skills—and having fun doing it!

The Circle of the Standing Stones—usually known simply as “The Stones Lodge” (we’re a laid-back lot!)—is one of the most active groups in the Grey School. As many time holders of the Lodge Cup and with record levels of advancement and extracurricular meritorious activities, we’ve always got several things going on at once. Whether working on magickal activities, sharing book reports and ideas, studying minerals and crystals, or simply cheering each other on, the Stones Lodge serves as our home in the Grey School, and we’ve made many friends in our cyber-common room. 

Besides often holding the Lodge Cup, our Lodge has distinguished itself in the following ways:

•    The Stones had the Grey School’s first Prefect

•    That Prefect went on to become the Grey School’s first Captain—the highest recognition available to Grey School Apprentices.

•    The Stones are past winners of several all-school events, including the Earth Day Challenge, the Winter Bird Count Challenge, and the Poetry Challenge.

•    Our attention to academics has placed dozens of Stones on the school Dean’s List and has seen us pass more classes than any other Lodge.

•    Our members are represented across the Grey School’s Apprentice awards and societies and have participated in various in-person “meet-ups” and Conclaves.

The Circle of the Standing Stones stands proudly behind our motto:  Firmitas ~ Integritas ~ Magnanimitas ("strength, integrity, greatness of soul"). We look forward to more fun and more achievement in the future as we grow in magick and wizardry, and we will proudly welcome new members into our midst!


Stones Lodge Correspondences

  • Totem: Wolf

  • Colors: Green and black

  • Elemental correspondence: Earth

  • Numerologic name-numbers (Pythagorean method): Stones = 2 Circle of the Standing Stones = 5

  • Zodiacal signs: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

  • Planets: Mercury, Saturn, and Venus


Stones Lodge Hall of Fame


  • First merits earned by: Aurochs

  • First challenge answered by: Paxx

  • First Prefect: Aaran

  • First Captain: Aaran



Stones Lodge Grey School Graduates

  • Kalla

  • Earthdrum (Lore)

  • ShadowFox (Defense Against the Dark Arts)

  • Elthadrail (Divination)

  • ShadowFox (Magickal Practice)


Stones Lodge Honorary Members

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll


Stones Lodge Holidays and Celebrations

January 8: Rock On! Observance of the birthday of Elvis, Honorary member of the Standing Stones.


Stones Lodge Honors

Prefect Emeriti:

  • Aaran

  • Kalla

  • Cashew

  • Oranstar

  • StormRaven

  • SilverRaven

  • Earthdrum

  • Calyxa

  • Snoopy Alchemist

  • Stargazer

  • Fyrewing

  • Arys

  • Taliesin

  • Daeni

  • Garon_Tor

  • Mason Cunninghare

  • KaeldenLyude

  • Elthadrail

  • ShadowFox

  • Lilisutrina

  • Lyrus Knight

  • GemintheWoods

  • Merqatyl Draconis

  • Selah Nyx

  • Wisdmawk

Captains From our Lodge:

  • Aaran

  • Kalla

  • Cashew

  • Stargazer

  • Daeni

  • Mason Cunninghare

  • Shadowfox

  • Merqatyl Draconis


2006 Earth Day Challenge

Won on April 22, 2006 by team "Stone Avalanche"- making the Stones two-time winners of the Earth Day Challenge! Team members:

  • Luna Silverstone (team leader)

  • Helega

  • Paxx

  • Aaran

  • Cashew

  • Xander

  • Dark Drake

  • Gaia

2005 Christmas Bird Count Challenge

Won on Jan. 15, 2006- making the Stones the first-ever winners of the CBC Challenge! Team members:

  • Cashew

  • Kalla

  • Luna (Flock Leader)

  • Xander


First Ever GSW Lodge Captain!

Aaran became the first Lodge Captain ever appointed by the Grey School, serving fall 2005 to spring 2006.

First Ever GSW Prefect! Aaran was not only our first Prefect--she was also the first Prefect ever appointed by the Grey School.

Lodge Cup

Won by the Stones in Spring 2005-making us the first-ever winners of the Grey School Lodge Cup!

Won again in Winter 2005, Winter 2006, Winter 2007, Summer 2008, Summer 2009, Summer 2011, Winter 2023.


Lumos Award
Our Lodge received the first Lumos Award in Spring 2007, along with the Flames Lodge. We also received the award in Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, and Fall 2010. This made our Lodge the only one to earn the award consecutively from Spring 2007 - Fall 2010! Additionally, we received the Lumos Award for the following terms:

  • Winter 2014

  • Summer 2014

  • Summer 2016

  • Winter 2017

  • Summer 2017

  • Summer 2018

  • Summer 2021


2005 Earth Day Challenge

Won on April 22, 2005- making the Stones the first-ever winners of the Earth Day Challenge! Team members:

  • Draco

  • Paxx

  • Luna

2005 Poetry Challenge

Our team earned 16 points--the most of any Lodge team--and Luna's poem took first place in the adult division. The Stones' were represented by:

  • Draco

  • Helega

  • Luna



Grey School Honors and Societies

Dean's List

  • Aaran: June 2005, Feb 2006

  • Aiden

  • Amra: Oct 2005

  • Arzelie

  • Artwizard: Jan 2006, Feb 2006, May 2006

  • Brighid Delphinos: June 2006

  • Brother Sagus: Aug 2005

  • Cashew: July 2005

  • Emrhys

  • Flamekeeper

  • Greycloak: Feb 2006

  • Hikari the Black: Jan 2006, Aug 2006

  • Kalla: Jan 2005, June 2005, Oct 2005, May 2006, Sept 2006

  • Oranstar

  • Silverraven

  • Star Crowsdaughter: Jan 2006, Aug 2006

  • Stormraven

  • Xander: Sept 2005, Jan 2006­

Apprentice Exemplar

ShadowFox, June 2017

Ars Magica Cum Laude

ShadowFox, January 2018


ShadowFox, December 2017

Golden Bough Award in Lore

• Earthdrum, January 2009

• ShadowFox, September 2017

Golden Sickle Award in Wortcunning

ShadowFox, December 2017

Tests of Wizardly Inspired Growth (TWIG)

Level 1 Firelight Riveroak - March 2011


Consortium of Shadows,First Degree (Dept. of Dark Arts)

Kalla RavenMage Garon_Tor - March 2013

Silver Wheel Award in Ceremonial Magick

Kalla, January 2006

Web Weaver Award in Lifeways

Aaran, November 2006

Ordo Erronum

• Aaran, July 2006

• Desert Thunderstorm, July 2006

• Kalla, July 2006

• Cloudsgazer , 2008

• Flamekeeper, August 2008­

• Abluesphere, June 2009

• Stargazer, August 2009­

Guardians of Gaia

• Aaran - May 2008

• Cashew - August 2007

• Emrhys - May 2008

• Luna Silverstone - April 2007

• Oranstar - April 2007

• Silverraven - July 2008

• Snoopy Alchemist - June 2008


Individual recognitions

• Fall equinox, 2006:

o Apprentice Kalla was recognized by the Headmaster as the Grey School's "Adult Apprentice of the Year"

• Fall equinox, 2008

- Apprentice Calyxa was recognized as the first "Apprentice of the Month"

Stones Lore and Legend

Here's how to pronounce the motto: The words are accented as follows, using capital letters to indicate the syllables which get stressed: FIRmitas, inTEgritas, magna NImitas! The vowels in these words are pronounced: short "i" as in "pin" short "e" as in "pen" short "a" as in "far" (NEVER as in "cat"!) The last "a" in each word is actually a long "a", but in Latin this simply means that you "sit on it" a tad bit longer when you say it... the same sound as the short "a" but you hold the vowel for a few fractions of a second more. (Which is where the terms "short" and "long" for vowels originally came from!) But if that part feels too complicated, don't worry about it! But DO make sure to roll your "r's"! (It's fun, and a true ancient Roman would do it!) FIRrrrmitas, inTEgrrritas...


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