Circle of the Standing Stones

Like the Mother Earth who nourishes and protects us, members of the Stones Lodge seek to deepen their connections to Gaia, finding our inner strengths while expanding our wizardly knowledge and skills—and having fun doing it!

A tall castle stands at the northernmost edge of the campus.  From the outside, it seems to be a fortress -- A tall structure with several balconies that look out over the campus.  Inside, despite the cold stone walls, it is warm and friendly as are the rock-solid Stones who call this home.  Outside, you will find a drum circle surrounding a sizzling cauldron.  Here we gather for good conversation and fellowship often lasting well into the night.  We take our academics seriously, yet we have broad interests and an ever-curious spirit.  We are always happy to greet new Lodge mates as well as members of our sister House, the Gnomes.  So, if you are new, say hello!  We are waiting to meet you!  

The Circle of the Standing Stones—usually known simply as “The Stones Lodge” (we’re a laid-back lot!)—is one of the most active groups in the Grey School. As many time holders of the Lodge Cup and with record levels of advancement and extracurricular meritorious activities, we’ve always got several things going on at once. Whether working on magickal activities, sharing book reports and ideas, studying minerals and crystals, or simply cheering each other on, the Stones Lodge serves as our home in the Grey School, and we’ve made many friends in our cyber-common room. 

Besides often holding the Lodge Cup, our Lodge has distinguished itself in the following ways:

•    The Stones had the Grey School’s first Apprentice leader, i.e., Prefect.

•    That Prefect went on to become the Grey School’s first Lodge Captain—the highest recognition available to Grey School Apprentices.

•    The Stones are past winners of several all-school events, including the Earth Day Challenge, the Winter Bird Count Challenge, and the Poetry Challenge.

•    Our attention to academics has placed dozens of Stones on the school Dean’s List and has seen us pass more classes than any other Grey School House or Lodge.

•    Our members are represented across the Grey School’s Apprentice awards and societies and have participated in various in-person “meet-ups” and summer Conclaves.

The Circle of the Standing Stones stands proudly behind our motto:  Firmitas ~ Integritas ~ Magnanimitas ("strength, integrity, greatness of soul"). We look forward to more fun and more achievement in the future as we grow in magick and wizardry, and we will proudly welcome new members into our midst!

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