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GSW's Refer-A-Friend Program

Get a 5% discount on your plan

Apply reward when placing your first order.

Get 10 Wizcoins for each friend you refer

Get special perks for you and your friends

1. Give your friends a 5% discount. *
2. Get 10 Wizcoins for each friend who buys a plan.

* Applies to the first billing cycle of any plan.

We are delighted to announce our new Refer-A-Friend program at the Grey School of Wizardry. This initiative has been designed to enrich our community by welcoming those who share our passion for knowledge and exploration, while also providing an opportunity for our valued students to reap benefits.

Our Refer-A-Friend program operates in a straightforward manner:

  1. Provide a 5% discount for your friends: When your friends register for any of our tuition plans using your unique referral link, they will receive a 5% reduction on their initial billing cycle.

  2. Earn 10 Wizcoins for each successful referral: When your referred friend enrolls in a tuition plan, you will be awarded 10 Wizcoins.

Wizcoins serve as a unique reward system within our institution, offering access to a variety of discounts and benefits. Here are some possibilities that your Wizcoins currently can unlock (more rewards to be added in future):

  • 150 Wizcoins: Obtain a 10% discount on all tickets for our live learning sessions.

  • 350 Wizcoins: Secure a 20% discount on all our tuition plans.

  • 2000 Wizcoins: Gain a complimentary year of our Adult Apprenticeship Program.

This program presents an excellent opportunity to broaden the learning experience for you and your friends while also benefiting from notable savings.

To participate, you will need to share your unique referral link, found below, with your friends. They will receive their discount upon registering through this link, and you will accrue your Wizcoins accordingly.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, thus no cap on the number of Wizcoins you can earn so get out there and start sharing the gift of knowledge today!

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