Coterie of the
Flowing Waters


Who are the "Waters" of GSW?

Just hearken to our motto:
"Life, Death, and Transformation"


We are the ebb and flow to the spirit of GSW.
Apprentices and Magisters of the Waters Lodge are the rising tide of life, lifting everyone in the school towards higher achievement.


We embrace "death" as a force of change and welcome new things, new ideas, and new ways.

The power of Transformation is our bulwark against dogma, stagnation, and entropy.

We provide the nourishing waters that
aid and abet growth.

We flow over, around, and even through whatever stands in our way.

We are fluid and adaptable to change, effortlessly accommodating whatever comes our way.

We are the Waters of GSW!


What is the Significance of Our Lodge's Name?
The Coterie of the Flowing Waters embraces all those Apprentices and Magisters born under the Zodiac signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. As our name implies, we embody the element of water, which comprises 70% of our planet’s surface! From mighty seas to humble ponds, from the rain that falls  to the babbling brook, or even the water in each of us; we embrace and exemplify the powers of our Element.

If you have any questions, it is our Prefect's job to help you find answers, so please do not hesitate to ask!  

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