Coterie of the
Flowing Waters

The first time you enter the Lodge is always the most exciting. You can hear the flowing waterfall of fresh water inside the Lodge before you see it. It is just trickling lightly today as it is your first day, and it is welcoming you. Do not make the mistake, however, of trying to bring someone from another Lodge inside. The waterfall knows each of us and transforms into a thundering, impassable wall of water in the presence of strangers. Only members of the Waters Lodge can pass!

Do not worry about getting wet! Look to the side of the waterfall. See that rock overhang? Just slip in over there and follow the path. You will arrive in the Common Room perfectly dry. Someday you will learn what the runes carved in the stone by the entrance mean (if you take the class of course!). You will also notice a saltwater tide pool hidden behind the waterfall. There are mussels, clams, starfish, and other saltwater-loving sea creatures in the pool. It is a wonderful spot to sit and unwind after a hard day.

Once you enter the Common Room there is no mistaking which Lodge this is. The walls are a shimmering green-blue marble. The giant windows on one side of the room look out into the depths of the school's pond. You can sit on the lily pad chairs and watch fish, dolphins, jellyfish, and even merpeople as they swim by the windows.

In the center of the room, the large oyster shells are more than mere decorations. Just say the magick word ("please") and the shells open into comfortable seats where you can work on your latest essay or just sit around and listen to stories.

Looking up, you see that one part of the ceiling is the painted night sky. You can lean back on the coral-shaped couches and learn the constellations, a must for the waterfolk of old who navigated by their pale lights.

If you want to sit in the sunlight, the sun shines down on the area next to the saltwater fish tank. See it? There are 16 colorful fish in the tank, one for each of the colors of the Grey School departments. Do not forget to give them some food every now and then!

The dormitories are at the top of the stairs in the back of the Common Room -- women on the left and men on the right. Each side also has a geothermal-heated spa room where you can destress from classes in the warm baths. Ask a Wortcunning major to make you an herbal soak!

If you need any help getting adjusted to the school, there are people you can ask for help. 

If you have any questions, it is our Prefect's job to help you find answers, so please do not hesitate to ask!   To email our Prefect, use 

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