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Some General Knowledge for GSW

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For questions about school procedures, go first to the Handbook. Most of your questions will be answered right here.

In general, if you have a question that isn’t answered by the Handbook, contact your Prefect. If your Prefect can’t answer your question, contact one of the Captain. If the Captain can’t help, then ask the Head of lodges.

Before you post a general question to the forums (“How do I sign up for classes?” “What are the requirements for ___ award?”), try searching the forums first, to see if the question has already been asked and answered. Use the “Search” box at the top of the fourms should help in this affair..

Since we’re an online school, it goes without saying that you need a computer or smartphone in order to interface with the school. Most people do this via their own home computers or smart devices but we’ve had a few apprentices who work through their local library or Internet cafe, or from some other kinds of shared computer.

To log on to the GSW site, you need a computer with a reasonably current operating system (Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux).  The GSW site works with multiple browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and MS Edge.

The GSW site does not work well/at all with the AOL browser. If you use the AOL browser, we recommend that you download another browser to use for GSW work. 

When we address a member of Faculty here at Grey school we add the title of  Instructor, Professor, Dean, Provost or Headmaster (depending on the Faculty member) before their name proper, <Faculty title> <Faculty Name>. This can be tricky while learning who is who, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time, you are after all a Wizard! On the flip side of the coin, you have a title too! Faculty should address someone enrolled in our school as Apprentice, Or Magister, <Your name right here>. If your title is forgotten a polite reminder is never out of line. Here is a "Cheat Sheet" that will always have the correct title of a faculty member should you need a little reminder.

Remember that words have power and titles are a powerful thing, use yours wisely.

Viruses, SPAM, and More

As a member of an electronic community, we must be on constant guard against invaders. For maximum protection against viruses, Trojans, and other electronic gremlins, install virus protection software and run regular scans as well.

A good free virus scanner is available here. Another is available here.

As for avoiding Spam, the simplest way is not to give out your email address. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a “DAVE HAS INVITED YOU TO JOIN HIS LIST!” type email that looks as if it was sent to you after being auto-generated from someone else’s address list, contact that person and ask to be removed from their address book. In addition, suggest they do an immediate virus scan and delete the message.

At times, you may receive email “advertisements” that look as if they’ve come from a mailing list. Do not click the unsubscribe link unless you know for a fact that the emails comes from a valid source. Doing so will only validate your email address and cause more spam. Also, do not click or visit any link within the email, since doing so could take you to a place that could potentially compromise the security of your computer and/or network.

Protecting Your Work

The responsibility for storing and saving your work is always yours, first and foremost. Save copies of everything you submit—both for “proof” of submission and because the work will probably be useful in your magickal future. Back up your hard drive on a regular basis, using whatever system works for you. 

For questions about school procedures, look through the Apprentice Handbook. Most of your questions will be answered right here!

In general, if you have a question that isn’t answered by the Handbook, contact your Prefect. If your Prefect can’t answer your question, contact the Lodge Captain or Vice-Captain . If the Captain can’t help, then reach out to the Head of Lodges at

In Case of Site Problems

Occasionally, the GSW site will be taken down for maintenance, data back-ups, etc. If we know about this in advance, we’ll issue a bulletin about the period of downtime. Unfortunately, sometimes the site host takes the site down without warning, or a “traffic jam” develops between the student’s computer and the school site.

If you try to log on and find that the GSW site is not working, please work through these steps:

1. Please be patient! The Internet being what it is, we can expect drop-outs and downtime now and then.

2. Wait a few hours and try logging on again. If no success, repeat.

3. If you are on Facebook, check the Grey School Group to see if others are having difficulties.

4. Please don’t contact anyone about the problem until the site has truly been unreachable for at least 24-48 hours. This may seem like a long time, but it’s within reasonable time for computer site problems.

5. Check your email for a notice from the school. It’s possible that there was some scheduled downtime. If any scheduled downtime will take longer than expected, every attempt will be made to contact the students to keep them informed!

6. If you’ve been unable to access the GSW site for at least 24 hours, contact

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