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Official Communication

Official communications include additions, deletions, or changes to Grey School policies; announcements of new faculty, new classes, upcoming events, etc.; requests for people to complete a necessary task; queries about a project in progress; and so forth. By joining the Grey School, you have granted permission for us to send you forum and email messages on such matters.

This mostly means the administration or teachers talking to Apprentices, or teachers and administration talking to each other. Anyone making an official post is strongly encouraged to use their full name and relevant title(s); they may also include color or department affiliation if they wish.

Using Dates and Times in the Grey School Although a majority of those registered with the GSW live in the continental United States, the Grey School has an international faculty and Apprentice body.

For purposes of clarity, all dates and times in the GSW operate according to the “GSW Clock tower.” This date and time stamp is located on the GSW main page. Since the GSW’s incorporated address is in California—on the northern coast of the US—we use this as an anchor for the school’s official date and time.

When posting a message that requires a date and time (e.g., a group spell, a forum meeting), use the GSW Clock tower as your basis.

We also ask that GSW members follow a specific convention when using dates. In the United States, the date “4/10/19” would mean April 10, 2019. However, in most other parts of the world, 4/10/19 would be read as October 4, 2019! To allay any confusion, the following date format is strongly recommended for use by all Apprentices and faculty: 10 April 2019.


Apprentice-to-Apprentice Communication

On  the  forums youth protection concerns require that absolute privacy must be maintained. Specifically, there can be no exchange of any personal identification, addresses, mundane names, etc. The Grey School does not support nor encourage youth-adult interaction in any sort of private setting, whether in-person or electronic. Discovery of such interaction will be subject to extreme scrutiny and involve the Youth's Parents.


Email Reminders

When emailing GSW Apprentice, staff, and faculty, please make your email professional and respectful.

Begin with a salutation. Keep the email as brief as possible, and conclude with a thank you, along with your magickal name and your Lodge name.

Check spelling and punctuation before sending. Please use conversational language and don’t use Internet or texting-type jargon in your emails, i.e., no “how r u,” or “c u l8r.”


• In these policies, “inappropriate personal contact” and “inappropriate personal relationships” are interchangeable terms that refer to contact of a romantic, sexual, or potentially sexual nature.

• “Unrelated” refers to those who are not part of a defined family unit.

• A “youth” or "Psyche" is under 18 years old.

• An Apprentice is 18 years or older.

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