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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

The Grey School Social Media Policy

This policy governs the publication of and commentary on social media websites and in interviews given by the Board of Directors, the administrative staff, the faculty and the Apprentices ("members") of The Grey School of Wizardry ("The Grey School or GSW"). For the purposes of this policy, social media means any facility for print or online publication and commentary, including without limitation blogs, wiki's, social networking sites such as (but not limited to) Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. This policy is in addition to and complements any existing or future policies regarding the use of technology, computers, e-mail and the internet.

All Grey School members are free to publish or comment in accordance with this policy. The Grey School members are subject to this policy to the extent they identify themselves as a Grey School member (other than as an incidental mention as a place of affiliation in a personal blog on topics unrelated to The Grey School). This policy does not apply to personal sites, blogs, etc. that have nothing to do with the Grey School insofar as the posters do not affiliate themselves with the school. This policy applies to all uses of print, online or social media, including personal sites. Publication and commentary on social media carries similar obligations to any other kind of publication or commentary.

All uses of social media must follow the same ethical standards that The Grey School members must otherwise follow.


Don't Tell Secrets

It's perfectly acceptable to talk about the school and your work and have a dialog with the community, but it's not okay to publish confidential information. Confidential information may includes things such as unpublished details about how the school functions, enrollment information, details of current or future school projects that have not been formally announced, and confidential financial information.


Protect Your Own Privacy

Privacy settings on social media platforms should be set to allow anyone to see profile information similar to what would be on the The Grey School website. Other privacy settings that might allow others to post information or see information that is personal should be set to limit access. Be mindful of posting information that you would not want the public to see, which may be considered a violation of another member's privacy or which might result in a violation of the guidelines for communication between adults and youth Apprentices.


Be Honest

We believe in transparency and honesty. You may use your real name or your magickal name on your own blog or in publications outside the school. If you are not speaking officially for the Grey School, be clear to state that. If you are speaking officially for the Grey School, you should only do so if you are authorized to do so and are appropriately informed and knowledgeable with the situation. Nothing gains you notice in social media more than honesty - or dishonesty. Do not say anything that is dishonest, untrue, or misleading. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, point it out. But also be smart about protecting yourself and your privacy. What you publish will be around for a long time, so consider the content carefully and also be cautious about disclosing personal details.


Respect Copyright Laws

It is critical that you show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use or fair dealing of copyrighted material owned by others, including The Grey School's own copyrights and brands. You should never quote more than short excerpts of someone else's work, and always attribute such work to the original author/source. It is good general practice to link to others' work rather than reproduce it. Respecting copyright also applies to the use of artwork and photography. You should not use artwork which was not approved by the Grey School to represent the school.


Respect Your Audience, The Grey School and Your Fellow Community Members

The public in general, and The Grey School's faculty and Apprentice body, reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view. When speaking as a member of the Grey School Community, do not say anything contradictory or in conflict with the The Grey School website. Don't be afraid to be yourself, but do so respectfully. This includes not only the obvious, (no ethnic slurs, offensive comments, defamatory comments, personal insults, obscenity, etc.) but also proper consideration of privacy and of topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory - such as politics and religion. Use your best judgment and be sure to make it clear that the views and opinions expressed are yours alone and do not represent the official views of The Grey School.


Controversial Issues

If you see misrepresentations made about The Grey School in the media, you may point that out. Always do so with respect and with the facts. If you speak about others, make sure what you say is factual and that it does not disparage that party. Avoid arguments. Brawls may earn traffic, but nobody wins in the end. Don't try to settle scores or goad competitors or others into inflammatory debates. Make sure what you are saying is factually correct. Please do bring such misrepresentations to the Grey School administration.

Be The First To Respond To Your Own Mistakes

If you make an error, be up front about your mistake and correct it quickly. If you choose to modify an earlier post, make it clear that you have done so. If someone accuses you of posting something improper (such as their copyrighted material or a defamatory comment about them), deal with it quickly - better to remove it immediately to lessen the possibility of a legal action.


Think About Consequences

For example, consider what might happen if a Grey School member is at some magickal community event, and someone pulls out a print-out of a blog and says "This person at The Grey School says that product (or person) sucks." Saying "Product X needs to have an easier learning curve for the first-time user" is fine; saying "Product X sucks" is risky, unsubtle and amateurish. Making personal insults against others, especially through the use of profanities, slurs or ideological put-downs, is extremely poor conduct. Once again, it's all about judgment: using your blog to trash or embarrass The Grey School, others in the magickal community, or your fellow members, is ill-advised.



Many social media users include a prominent disclaimer saying who they work for, but that they're not speaking officially. This is good practice and is encouraged, but don't count on it to avoid trouble - it may not have much legal effect.


Policy violations may be subject to disciplinary action and will be handled by the Grey School Administration on a case-by-case basis.

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