The Order of the
Dancing Flames


Who or what are the
""Flames" of GSW?

Our motto sums it up nicely—
"Vitality, Courage, and Passion".


We are a source of "Vitality" that courses through GSW. Members of the Flames Lodge are everywhere and involved in everything. We inspire all of our school mates to do and be their best. We challenge them to keep up with us, if they can. We challenge each other.

We have the "Courage" to ask the tough questions and challenge authority when needed. We are able to admit when we are wrong.

We offer comfort and a sense of security.

Our "Passion" is already legendary. We have only to look at the Headmaster and this school to know this. We share our passions freely with others. When we commit to something, it gets done. The obstacles do not matter, that is part of the challenge.

We provide the light when times are dark. We are the spark that gets things moving. From our glowing embers to our raging infernos, we are the Flames of GSW.
We are family.

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