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Lodge Patron: Raven of Four Winds
Elemental Mascot: The Curious Sylph

Current prefect:

Prefect Tim, Wizard in the 3rd Degree

Like the continuously shifting winds, this Lodge is an evolving and growing group dedicated to deepening our wizardly knowledge and skills--while enjoying ourselves in the process.

The Society of the Four Winds is an active adult group in magickal studies and practice. Members of this Lodge enjoy the opportunity to become involved in:

  • An interactive forum environment, lovingly known as “The Spire”

  • Winds-Specific challenges and group projects

  • A Winds lodge for social gatherings in
    Second Life

Always a social and academic presence in the Grey School of Wizardry, the Society of the Four Winds held the Lodge Cup for three terms in a row. 

We have won the Lodge Cup:

Summer 2006

Winter 2011

Winter 2013

Summer  2015

Winter 2016

Summer 2016


We won the Lumos Award:

Winter 2007

Summer 2008

Winter 2008

Summer 2009

Winter 2009

Winter 2010

Summer 2014

Winter 2017

Summer 2018


Our Motto:
"Animo et Fide" 


The Society of the Four Winds has a proud history and Lore at the Grey School of Wizardry and we look forward to sharing it with our newest members.



The Anemoi (Four Winds): Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus, and Notus.

The Air element is a powerful, but invisible element. The Winds are so named after the legendary Four Winds that come from the corners of the Earth. They were said to be kept in a bag by Aeolus who then gave it to Odysseus to help him get home, but the crew opened the bag and the winds escaped. Other myths claim that the Titan Astraeus, the Stars, fathered the Winds on Eos, the Dawn. They were portrayed as winged men or horse-like when considered the chariot-steeds of Zeus, the Storm King. The harpies, the Aellai Harpyiai, are the female counterparts. We Winds blow hot and cold and our temperaments may ground themselves in one particular Wind, but it is safe to say that we are, indeed, a Society of all Four Winds for they are within each of us.


Boreas, the North Wind, is an extremely strong, violent, and stormy wind who wrecked horrific destruction upon mortals at the gods request. The Romans call this wind Aquilo, which means "Devouring." Boreas heralded Winter.

Eurus, the East Wind, brought rain and warmth, but was considered unfavorable. Ironic when one considers that Air's corresponding direction is East. Romans called this wind Vulturnus. Contrary to magickal associations again, Eurus brought Autumn.

Notus, the South Wind, is very warm and moist, bringing fog and rain. Due to his association with fog, Notus is considered friend to thieves. Notus heralded Summer. Romans call him Auster.

Zephyrus, the West Wind, is a jealous, but gentle wind. To the Romans, he is Favonius, protector of flowers and plants. Zephyrus brought the Spring.


The elemental association here is Air. Air is the element of intellect and mental activity. The sylphs and zephyrs are its elementals, along with some faeries.


Our Totem Animal: The Raven is often seen as a traveler to the Otherworlds. As such, the raven is frequently regarded as a messenger for gods and ancestors.


Our Motto: Animo et Fide (Courageously and Faithfully) certainly describes the activities and goals of this particular Lodge of Wizards! In all of our endeavors, we strive against the odds and keep the greater good faithfully in mind.


Our Mascots: The Curious Sylphs
In ancient traditions, Sylphs were revered as guardians of the skies and protectors of the natural world. They watch over the vast expanses of the atmosphere, ensuring balance and harmony in the air currents and weather patterns. Sylphs are said to have a deep affinity for birds and winged creatures, often guiding them on their migratory journeys across the heavens. As masters of the air element, Sylphs possess a range of mystical abilities tied to the winds and atmosphere. They have the power to manipulate air currents, conjure gusts and breezes, and even control weather phenomena such as storms and fog. Sylphs are also believed to be messengers of the skies, carrying whispers of secrets and omens on the wind.

Sylphs are often associated with symbols of freedom, creativity, and inspiration. Their presence is felt in the stirring of leaves, the dance of wind chimes, and the flight of birds across the sky. In magical traditions, they are invoked for guidance in matters of intuition, communication, and the pursuit of higher knowledge.


The Sight of a Sylph

by Apprentice Ulfr

Gaze deep within the spiral of nature

And what may seem mundane,

Lies magick deep within

When you sight a sylph.

Invisible to the skeptical ground folk

And drawn to the young and pure,

Carvers of the clouds

They kiss the sky.

Walkers of winds,

Keepers of seasons,

Bringers of life within their domain.

The world changes

With the touch of a sylph.


Our Prefects:

The Society of the Four Winds are exceptionally proud of our Prefects and are extremely grateful for their incredible service. Here, we proudly display the names of those who have served in this esteemed and challenging role:

Julie Alexandra
Ombra dell'Uragano

Ulfr March



Elrik March




Alexegram Hallowed


Cornilion Seadragon




Swirls Dancing

Artemis Gryphon

Starywynd Panther





Niveus Dragonheart

Vi November

Lilyth Rose

Cerberus Bindweed



We have two awards unique to our lodge:


The Griffin Award

Awarded to the Apprentice who earns the most merits in a term.


Past recipients:
Julie Alexandra

Ombra dell'Uragano





The Golden Wand Award
Awarded to the Apprentice who earns the most academic credits in one term.


Past recipients:
Julie Alexandra

Ombra dell'Uragano




Other Associations with Society of the Four Winds

Traits - Our personality traits are mental power, abstract thinking and the love of freedom.

Energy - Our energy is projective.

Gems - The primary gems for Air signs, and therefore our lodge, are topaz and chalcedony.

Herbs - The herbs for our Lodge are pansy, violet, yarrow, primrose, and vervain.

Metals - The metals are mercury, aluminum and tin.

Runes - The runes are ansuz, raidho, eihwaz and tiwaz.

Planets - The planets are Mercury, Venus and Uranus.

Tarot Suit - Our tarot suit are Wands or Rods.

Instrument - Our instrument is the flute and other wind instruments.

Mascot - Our mythic mascot is the Sylph.

Animal - Our animal is the Raven.

Alchemical Symbol - Our alchemical symbol is an upward pointed triangle with a horizontal line bisecting it.

Hour - Our hour is dawn.

Season - Our season is spring.

Cycle of Life - Our cycle of life is youth.

Astrologically, the Society of the Four Winds is associated with Sun in Gemini (May 21 - June 30), Libra (September 23 - October 22), and Aquarius (January 20 - February 18). These are the mutable, cardinal, and fixed manifestations of Air, respectively.

Numerologically, The Society of the Four Winds equals the number 6, the number of intellectual creativity, imagination, fantasy, abstract thinking, and theory. According to Matrix, 6 means one that "craves routine and the joys of home, family, and security. You love this old world and feel responsible and take good care of it. You have a sense of appreciation and care for all things."

Gems which correspond to Air are chalcedony, galbanum, and topaz. Blue chalcedony enables balance of mind, body, and spirit, encourages communication, and helps with psychic work and energy healing. Galbanum is used to relieve tensions. Topaz is used to transform negativity, improve intellect and creativity, and gives individuals the motivation to act on their dreams.

Plants which correspond to Air are pansies (love, rain magick, divination), violets (protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace, healing), yarrow (courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism), primrose (protection, love), and vervain (love, protection, purification, peace). The aspen, is used for eloquence and is even believved by some to have anti-theft properties.

Learn more about our Lodge by visiting the forums!

Society of the
Four Winds

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