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Conclaves, Moots, and More

Feb 10, 2023

In this section, we'll describe the types of GSW Gatherings, explain our Campus Rules, and provide an example of a moot schedule.

GSW Campus and Conclave Rules

1.  All Apprentices, Magisters and faculty must strive to present themselves as excellent representations of the School.

2.  All Apprentices and  Magisters must attend those classes in which they enrolled; excessive unexcused absences will not be tolerated.

3. Pick up all objects you bring on campus grounds (Virtual or Physical!)

4.   Public nudity, sexually explicit conduct, violence, and disturbing the peace on campus is Strictly forbidden. 5. All Avatars used on VGSW must be human and should be a representation of the person behind the screen.  

6. Apprentices and  Magisters should be escorted by a member of the lodge they are visiting when entering lodges that aren’t their own.

7. Firearms, explosives, intoxicating substances and weapons are strictly forbidden on GSW grounds unless given explicit permission by the Headmaster.

8. Observe the same rules when chatting on campus that you follow on the GSW forums. 

9. Exploring beyond the 9acre wood boundry with out a Faculty Member is Forbidden.

Any violations of these rules should be reported to the Headmaster and may be cause for immediate ejection and banning from the grounds. Ejection and banning from the campus grounds will also result in a temporary suspension and/or expulsion from GSW and will be reviewed at a later date for final determination of a Puipil's status as the individual case warrants. Informal gatherings:  These are casual, usually spontaneous events that may involve two or more Grey School Apprentices, Magisters, faculty, staff, and families. These informal events are primarily for the purpose of meeting each other and sharing fellowship. There is no formal program, and the get-together is usually limited in time and scope. Its participants typically live close, geographically. The event may be casually advertised but typically isn’t widely available to the entireapprentice body. 

Examples: GSW Apprentices living in the same city get together to see a film, attend a festival, etc. VGSW Moots: VGSW Moots are events organized by GSW Apprentice leadership held on the Virtual Grey School Grounds in Second Life. These events are open to Apprentices, Magisters, Faculty, and/or staff. VGSW Moots are primarily for the purpose of getting together to celebrate the end of a term of study at GSW and often has workshops, discussions, debates and other events.  There is a semi-formalized program, and the get-together is usually limited to several hours or perhaps an entire day. Although the event may be advertised and available to the entire Apprentice body, its participants do require a computer capable of running Second Life for them to participate.Example: VGSW Moots are held on our  virtual school grounds in Second-life and typically last for a day. 

VGSW Moots at The Grey School of Wizardry  

Below is the Schedule for VGSW Moots throughout the year. While months for events are locked in, the specific date of the moot happening in a particular month is subject to the decision of Apprentice Leadership. Once a Date is chosen, and the Moot is planned, a copy of the Moot's Outline must be sent to the DoS ( for Feedback and/or approval.  Moot Months

Winds Lodge Celebration (February) - Hosted by the Winds lodge

Spring Equinox Celebration (March) - Hosted by Apprentice Leadership

Waters Lodge Celebration (May) - Hosted by the Waters lodge

Summer Solstice Celebration(June) - Hosted by Apprentice Leadership Flames Lodge Celebration (July) -  Hosted by the Flames Lodge

Autumnal Equinox (September) Hosted by Apprentice Leadership

Stones Lodge Celebration (October) - Hosted by the Stones Lodge

Winter Solstice Celebration(December) - Hosted by Apprentice Leadership


Lodge Celebrations 

Lodge Moots are typically (not always) smaller in size than the Solstice/Equinox Celebrations. As with all moots, these Lodge Celebrations are hosted on VGSW, though instead of using the whole campus, the events are largely held on the Hosting Lodge's grounds.  The Lodge (led by their Prefect) will host an event in which Apprentices and Magisters alike from Any Lodge can come together and interact as well as learn more about the Hosting Lodge and it's role here at GSW. It is an event in which pride and respect for one's Lodge is emphasized and encouraged through discussion, workshops and activities related to the Hosting Lodge's Element and associations. While the Hosting Lodge's Prefect is ultimately responsible for seeing that their lodge celebration happens, a good Wizard understands the power of potent counsel. Asking for advice, help or guidance from other members of Apprentice Leadership (Especially the Captaincy) can be a great idea if the Prefect is feeling stuck or unsure of how to proceed!  In the same vein, Prefects should utilize their Lodge Moot as an opportunity to involve members of their lodge. Encouraging Lodge mates to host discussions, presentations, and workshops is not only a great way to build a positive reputation for your Lodge (Rule 2) but it also helps to bring your lodge closer together! Equinox and Solstice Moots When it comes to All school celebrations such as the Equinoxes and Solstices, Apprentice Leadership will work together to bring aspects from each of their lodges to bear during the celebration. While it is ultimately the responsibility of the Captain to see that these all school celebrations happen, it is a task which can only be accomplished through the Teamwork of a United Apprentice Leadership.   Apprentice Leadership may also decide that they wish to host additional events on VGSW and are welcome to do so! Before an additional event can be created Leadership will first have to submit a rough draft of their event schedule, and a brief write up of the event, to the Dean of Students (  for Approval . What sort of things are expected in a Moot? While each moot's structure is up to the Hosting Prefect, or the Captain, it can be helpful to have an outline to work off of or use out right. It is also a good idea to involve as many clubs, Apprentices and even faculty as you can manage. Variety is the spice of life as they say!  Below is an example outline you may use to help plan your next vgsw moot! 

10:00am to 10:30am Opening statements from Administration & Leadership News and Statements 10:30am to 10:45am Break 10:45am to 11:20am Club Time Slot 11:20am to 12:00pm Presentation Time Slot 12:00pm to 12:25pm Club Time Slot 12:25pm to 12:45pm Club Time Slot 12:45pm to 1:00pm  Break  1:00pm to 1:25pm    Workshop Time Slot 1:25pm to 1:50pm      Presentation Time Slot 1:50pm to 2:00pm    Presentation Time Slot 2:00pm to 2:30pm   Social Time Slot It is important to keep in mind that Moot activities, discussions, and themes must be clearly outlined and submitted to the Captain for review before a Moot is allowed to take place. Once the Captain has reviewed the submission and provided feedback, the Captain will forward the outline for the Moot to the Dean of Students office for final revision and approval. This is to ensure that all activities, themes, and topics for discussion are kept within the spirit of Wizardry and adhering to the School's policies as outlined in the School's Handbook and Teachings.


Events in the Greater Community: These are organized community events that involve the public and that may also involve Grey School Apprentices, Magisters, faculty, and/or staff, either as participants and/or observers. The purpose of the type of meeting is to share knowledge and extend community. There is always a formal program or structure, and the get-together may last for one or more days. Although the event may be advertised and available to the entire Apprentice body, its participants often live close, geographically, to the event’s location, making it easy for them to participate.

Example:  The annual Bigfoot Festival in Whitehall, a weekend event attended by many from the Grey School and at which many faculty and Pupils partake.

The Grey School Physical Conclaves: These are structured, planned events that are typically planned months in advance and may involve Grey School Apprentices, Magisters, faculty, and staff. Conclaves are designed for the purpose of meeting each other, sharing fellowship, and expanding magickal knowledge under the auspices of the Grey School curriculum. There is a planned program which may include classes, ritual work, and other hands-on experiences. It is widely advertised and made available to the entire Apprentice body, and is typically attended by a wide geographical slice of Grey School Apprentices, Magisters and faculty. 

GSW Conclaves are held at our Physical Campus in Whitehall New York U.S. and usually last for 3-7 days. Youth apprentices must be accompanied to all GSW events by an adult over age 18, preferably a legal guardian or must attend with another family under conditions of signed waiver (contact the Dean of Students for details). For More Information on Physical Conclaves, Click here! 

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